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Pig Roaster Pro: The [Do It All] Pig Roaster Rotisserie From Roasting Nomad

 by Jason

Pig Roaster Rotisserie

The pig roaster rotisserie (and much more) from Roasting Nomad it's by far the best pig roaster on the market!

Pssst. Hey. Hey, you. Guess what? I just purchased a new piece of equipment. Guess what else? I can do so many things with this one piece of equipment. It has also helped me cut my labor by 75%. Yes, you read that right!

The unit can be used as a whole pig roaster rotisserie - it can handle up to a 170 lb Whole Hog.

It is by far the best pig roaster for sale in the market.

It can roast the Whole Hog quicker and more consistently then any stick burner I've used. It will do a 90 lb pig in 4.5 to 5 hours.

Pig Roaster Rotisserie

I can place a smoker box in for the first few hours to get that smoked flavor we are looking for. The Hog spins on the roaster pole and, when finished, it get raised into a carving position for your guests to watch the carving of the Hog.

The best pig roaster rotisserie in the market

However, it's not just a one trick pony! It can also be used as a hot buffet for service indoors. You can keep the one door with the glass windows on and serve from the other side with an arrangement of hotel steam pans.

Let me tell you...It can...

We use this in our catering business, for our corporate catering locations and it looks awesome!

There is a flat grill insert along with the steam pans for a breakfast service.

BBQ grill inserts are available to cook burgers, chicken and sausages and then insert steam pans for service.

This pig roaster has a rotisserie with four baskets, so you can do 30-40 roaster chickens at a shot. But, you can also do more in this rotisserie, like a whole dinners!

We took a dozen roaster chickens and did them in various seasonings like Memphis, Montreal chicken, garlic rosemary butter.

We also soaked corn and peeled the husk back and placed that on the rack.

We also cut up squash, zucchini, peppers and onions, portobello mushrooms, heirloom cherry tomatoes and pineapples.

I seasoned the veggies with olive oil, salt and pepper and placed them on a foil lined rack with pineapple rings on top of the veggies.

Pig Roaster Rotisserie

We fired up to roaster and, before you knew it, dinner was done! The chicken was so moist it was incredible.

This roaster can do other dinner items like, pork butts, ribs, clams, oysters, lobster.

For catering business the options are unlimited!

How about doing a stuffed porchetta? Yes, you can do a boned pig and stuff it with butts and cheese peppers onions spinach and then roast it and serve it.

When we do the Whole Hog Roast, we can rent the roaster with a seasoned pig ready to go and drop it off to the customer.

We can also provide an on-site chef to handle the Roast and then carve the Hog and serve the guest. This allows client to enjoy and mingle with their guests. We then clean up and leave with the roaster.

Pig Roaster Rotisserie

The roaster can also do hams, turkeys and 1/4 leg of beef or lamb.

This way it helped me save on labor, over sending one of my food trucks.

The on-site chef can handle a party up to 150 people alone. The chef can take the roaster on a small trailer, a table, rolls, sides and go set up and serve the guests and clean up and leave.

This made it possible to save 75% on my labor while charging the same as a food truck party would be.

We also do the roasts as a themed BBQ or luau. This is accomplished with a few simple things like hats, bandanas, leis, flowers and a few simple changes to the menu to match the themed event.

This one pig roaster rotisserie has allowed me to save money on labor, offer something that no one else in the area has, cook many different ways on one piece of equipment, fast ROI, and all on this one unit that I can fit two of in a pickup truck bed or small trailer.

I can do a pig roaster rental business or a staffed event. It is definitely not a one trick pony!

You can get full details here...

Pig Roaster Pro - The "Do It All" Pig Roaster from Roasting Nomad

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