Pig Roaster For Sale

[Pig Roaster Pro]: The Best Pig Roaster For Sale In The Market

 by Ben

Pig Roaster For Sale

Did you feel overwhelmed when looking for a pig roaster for sale? I surely did!

I was overwhelmed with the amount of and different types of the available pig roasters for sale. The first pig roaster that I found was what I’d call a huge smoker or huge bbq grill roaster type thing.

It could hold an entire hog but it was it was more like a pig roasting box.

I’ve used something similar to what you’ll find if you search pig roaster for sale Ebay, but even those aren’t a perfect fit.

So, here is the deal:

I'm going to help you finding the perfect pig roaster, step by step...just keep reading.

Searching For The Perfect Pig Roaster For Sale

I’m sure, if you’ve looked more than 5 minutes, you’ve run into the same issues and problems I have. I began searching terms like pig roaster for sale near me and pig roaster for sale craigslist.

OMG! I want something that will roast the perfect hog. Pigs are expensive and the last thing I want is to spend my hard earned dollars on a pig cooker and end up with overdone meat in order to prevent underdone meat.

I was looking to buy a pig roaster for the "ideal" solution to my most important dilemma...

... how to roast a whole pig to perfection!

I learned real quick. I needed a pig roaster rotisserie. Pig rotisseries will allow you to cook evenly the entire time. That pig will be slap your momma good and nothing will go to waste or be as tough as shoe leather.

The Pig Roaster Rotisserie Style Is By Far, The Best!

I’ve cooked a pig in the ground, I’ve cooked in huge smokers and I’ve cooked over an open flame on a rotisserie pole.

The rotisserie pole was better than any other option because you could at least spin the pig. But this meant someone had to stand there and spin that heavy sucker. And then there’s the wind and heat loss and the continual fluctuation of temperature being delivered.

Why does this matter?

No problem if your cooking hot dogs or marshmallows but a roasting a whole hog… you must have consistent heat and even heat throughout the entire process.

And the process is long. Cooking a pig in ground can take up to 2 days depending on your soil temp, your in ground pit style and the amount of coals. Too many and you’ve got overdone one side and underdone on the other.

Huge smokers or bbq type pig boxes are great for holding in heat and you can regulate the temp better than open flame, but you gotta go in there over and over and turn and check and turn and check.

It’s like having a newborn you’ve gotta feed every 32.6 seconds. Pain in the butt.

You Can Even Rent A Pig Roaster

Type in pig roaster rental and you’ll see. Problem is, they too have the same types and styles. Nothing better.

I was typing in searches and tried whole pig roaster for sale when I found it. I had just hit the jackpot. I wanted a pig roaster that could hold an entire 150lb pig but could cook a small 40 pounder at the same.

I wanted a pig roasting box that also had a rotisserie but an automatic one, powered, so no one had to stand there spinning that heavy hog until their arm fell off at the elbow.

That’s when I noticed it had another feature, one that I wanted but didn’t dare type in my repeated searches. Because, I knew that was hopeless. Boy was I wrong…

I Found The Perfect Hog Roaster For Sale

Not only does this pig roaster have a controlled temperature, a fully automatic motorized whole hog rotisserie and even glass doors to see inside, it is mobile.

Pig Roaster For Sale

Yes! I said mobile.

It Ain’t Just For Roasting Pigs

This thing is like the jack of all trades, the Swiss Army Knife of pig roasters and did I say it’s a mobile unit?

  • It’s a whole hog roaster (from lil piggies to full size 175lb. hogs
  • It’s a bbq cooker
  • It’s a char broiler
  • It’s a roaster grill
  • It’s a veggie roaster
  • It’s a smoker
  • It’s a fish baker
  • It's a lamb roaster

I just found the ultimate outdoor pig roaster for sale and it is absolutely amazing (it is featured on the home page of industry leaders). I’ll include a video of some of the features.

Pig Roaster For Sale

Be ready to have your mind blow. *fair warning

The Nitty Gritty On The Pig Roaster Pro

It comes mostly assembled. Within an hour of getting one you can be roasting your first pig. Operating the Pig Roaster Pro is simple.

It has two control knobs to adjust the flame and set your temperature.

It has push button igniters on each burner rail and the rails travel the full length of the pig cooker. The rotisserie motor is simply a switch, off or on. It’s built on a stainless steel bracket and can spin up to 175 pounds of pig with no problem.

Inside and outside the cooker is 100% food grade stainless steel. In fact the unit is ETL certified and meets the ANSI food safety standards. This means that it can be used commercially in all 50 states.

The stainless is smooth and allows for easy cleanup with a drain at the bottom that is controlled by a manual ball valve.

Underneath is a bracket to hold your 20# propane cylinder. You do need an extension cord if you’re going to pull it out in the yard and use the rotisserie feature.

Roasting at the lake or beach or “off grid” you’d want to plug it into a portable generator if power wasn’t available.

Pig Roaster For Sale

There are two doors on each side of the Pig Roaster Pro. Each one hooks in and can be lifted off and dropped down to a secondary location on the unit. One side has glass windows in the doors for viewing or the perfect feature for buffet style service.

Pig Roaster For Sale

With buffet style, you’d have the windowed door in place and the opposite side door on it’s hanger at the lower level. Two people could easily serve from one side while guests, clients and customers could stand and see through the glass on the other.

The roasting rod also has a unique feature. After you’re finished roasting a whole hog or doing anything, you can move the entire rod up to the “serving” position. This allows you to carve a pig, a leg of beef or pick seafood and veggies from the trays at the perfect height.

Clean Up Is Easy

I’ve cleaned grills, I’ve cleaned out a smoker once which was an absolute nightmare due to the residue, but this Pig Roaster Pro, well it cleans up in about 20 minutes.

I’m talking after a complete pig pickin’ it took me 21 minutes from start to finish to have it looking like brand new.

Mobile, Why Does This Matter?

Well I found out the night I did seafood. Popup thunderstorms were about to rain on my smoked salmon and crab leg parade.

I grabbed the handle and pulled it right around the side of the house into the garage. Cooking the entire time. With my egg smoker, I would have needed to put up a pop up tent in a hurry or get 17 people to help me move it to a dry spot.

But not the Pig Roaster Pro. Nope. It’s got 4 all terrain type tires and pulls easily. Another reason I just love the mobile feature is that now I can put in on my lawnmower trailer and strap it down for a drop off delivery.

OH! Forgot Something Else…

It can steam food too. Of course roasted oysters and clams, but you can steam oysters and clams just as easy. Can’t believe I forgot to mention that.

A Roaster For Life

No more looking for a pig roaster for sale!

This is possibly the last roaster, bbq cooker, grill, smoker, outdoor cooking machine you’ll ever buy! And for the price, it should be. It ain’t cheap. But if I wanted cheap I’d be at the thrift store.

I’m done with “disposable” grills. After the initial sticker shock, I had to figure out how to get one.

My mind started racing how could I convince my wife that I NEEDED one real bad? After all, how much do I cook out? Well I’m addicted to grilling and cooking out so a whole lot.

Literally, we cook out 4 or 5 times a week. Maybe I could rent it to my neighbor from time to time. He loves to cook out too and then I could offset some of the expenses and possibly justify this to my wife.

That’s When It Hit Me!

I could rent this to anyone. I started looking up more about pig roaster rental and found people renting those so called hog roasters out for up to $200 a day. No food, just the roaster.

Pig Roaster For Sale

And it makes sense. You’re on vacation for a family reunion or you just need to cook a whole hog or slow roast 40 chickens at one time and you see that you can rent a roaster for the day.

I’m thinking win – win. The more I researched the more I found. Then I found catering. Not catering like I come to your house with tables and fine china and set out a spread for you.

No! I’m talking drop off catering. Drop off catering with this pig roaster would be I deliver the hog in the roaster and let them cook it. I return later and pick up the roaster. I found people doing this for $400 to $700 per hog and pig roaster rental.

One lady I read about just rents the cooker for $140 a day. No food, no delivery. I’m starting to see this as an easy sell to my wife now.


I forgot. I forgot to tell you that it can be used as a full buffet service too. I’m talking, you can put in 4 restaurant size pans and all the smaller pans you want and serve a full menu of items.

Pig Roaster For Sale

This drop off catering had me spun up. With it I can actually replace my income and get the ultimate mobile grilling, smoking, cooking , bbq’ing and roasting machine anyone could ever hope to have.

I found others doing it too and some with this unbelievable mobile pig roaster.

I was now thoroughly convinced that I could get my wife to agree to this “investment”.


That’s Not All…

It’ll be mine. It can make me money every single week and I can still use it anytime I want. Which I must tell ya, that is going to be a whole lot.

Here’s The Deal!

No matter what. I’m going to have the most versatile, backyard grill on the planet and it’s cooking options are near endless.

After calling around to some other places that rent “basic” pig cookers, I learned that some actually stay booked up.

Doing the math on all this, I figured it will only take me about 12 to 16 weeks to pay for itself. Then I can continue to cater with it, rent it or just keep it all to myself.

I called one of the customers who had one already and he was using it for drop off catering. He said about 16 hours a month nets him around $5,700.00.

Now that’s way more than I’d originally thought and he’s in a small town in Pennsylvania.

She Agreed – So I Got One!

I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited as an adult. This thing is absolutely beautiful. Pictures don’t do it justice.

So far I’ve done a 72 pound pig. It came out perfect. I put in the rotisserie racks and did a full spread of roasted veggies. The next night I did seafood.

I think I may do 6 turkeys at one time or a bunch of butts.

It’s the 17th and I’ve already made $2630 because my wife took a picture of it and posted it on her Facebook. People started commenting immediately she said. They wanted to know what it was, if they could use it, could she have me do a pig for them and so on.

Here’s the deal. The Pig Roaster Pro is the last grill, smoker, cooker, bbq’r or roaster you’ll ever need.

You Can Search Pig Roaster For Sale…

Until your eyes pop out and NEVER find one as capable, versatile and amazing as this. As I said before, it’s not just a pig roaster. But if it was, it’s the best whole hog cooker I’ve ever used or seen.

I’ll provide a link if you want more info on getting yourself one. The standard package includes the roasting rack, bbq racks and a smoke box. They even have financing to make things easier.

Check it all here...

Pig Roaster Pro - The Best Pig Roaster In The Market

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